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Program Overview

New members earn 100 points for signing up and get 10% off your first purchase. Members earn 50 points per checkin, limited once every 24 hours Members can use their “Redeemable” rewards toward the items in the rewards catalog “Lifetime” Points determine the tier, these are not subtracted when rewards get redeemed Rewards can be “redeemed” from online, and points are automatically added when the order is fulfilled.

Checkin is only required for in-store purchases Customers can change their personal information and add a photo by clicking the “Account” tab inside Club Libra.


Club Libra members earn points with every purchase.

Bronze Members - 50 points per purchase

Silver Members - 1.15x multiplier per purchase

Gold Members - 1.25x multiplier per purchase

Redeeming Rewards

You can redeem your Club Libra rewards in two ways.

  1. On the checkout screen when making an online purchase. Simply login with your Club Libra credentials, and a dropdown box will appear with your available rewards and point balance.

  2. By checking in to our kiosks when making a purchase in-store. Our budristas will handle the rest.